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Flat Belly Fix Review

Flat Belly Fix Review First of all You’ve to know that I’m not fat that fat, its just a bit chubby Or It’s just a little meat on the belly Can you do it by doing sit-ups? 


Obviously you can wear any size you want There is a circle of fat around the waist; The limbs are very thin, But with a round belly; Every day I was told not to lose weight, Only I know the pain in my stomach.

Flat Belly Fix Review
21 Day Flat Belly Fix Reviews Buy Now

21 Day Flat Belly Fix Review Many people are not fat all over the body, but the abdomen is slightly obese. In this case, it is likely that the visceral fat is too high, because the visceral fat surrounds the body’s organs, and the body does not appear just in the abdominal cavity. Fat, only the case of abdominal obesity.

21 Day Flat Belly Fix Tea Ingredients

21 Day Flat Belly Fix Tea Ingredients

21 day flat belly fix tea ingredients Visceral fat is essential fat for the human body. It surrounds human organs, mainly in the abdominal cavity, and a small part is concentrated in the liver, which can store heat and protect the internal organs. If there is too little visceral fat in a person’s body, the organs cannot stay in its original place, seriously harming the health of the body.

Flat Belly Fix Reviews

Flat Belly Fix Reviews Its more easier than going to fridge.. and in the same time this is simple advise for the following two simple self-test methods are recommended for you, but the self-test can only be used as a reference. The accurate determination of visceral fat content needs to be measured by a special instrument in the hospital.

Flat Belly Fix Reviews

The Flat Belly Fix Tea

The flat belly fix tea First Test How Fat You Are
① Waist circumference. Generally speaking, men’s waist circumference> 90CM, women’s waist circumference> 80CM should be careful of excessive visceral fat.
② waist to hip ratio. Waist circumference + hip circumference, which is the ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference.

Flat Belly Fix Review Method: Stand upright, inhale gently, measure the navel with a tape measure, the upper waistline and the most protruding hip circumference. The waist-hip ratio of males> 0.9 and females> 0.8 indicates that it is a high-risk group with excess visceral fat and needs a horse for the next test.

③Test the method of waist and abdomen subcutaneous fat. Try to pinch around the navel, if you can easily pinch 2 cm, it means that the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, if you can not pinch, it means that a lot of fat is accumulated in the internal organs.

The Flat Belly Fix Tea

Flat Belly Workout

Flat Belly Workout But You have to know more about this Dietitian summarizes 10 kinds of visceral fat obesity indicators

(1) Do not love sports very much.

(2) Eat very little breakfast, and eat a lot of dinner.

(3) Have the habit of eating supper.

(4) Like to eat sweets.

Flat Belly Workout

(5) Partial eclipse, like to eat meat and rarely eat vegetables.

(6) The body is obese and afraid of cold.

(7) Both blood sugar and cholesterol are high.

(8) The weight is not heavy, but the waist circumference is particularly prominent.

(9) There is constipation.

(10) Large food intake.

21 Day Flat belly fix reviews

21 Day Flat belly fix reviews Results: If the above conditions account for less than 3: still healthy, but to prevent, remove risk factors as early as possible; if the above conditions account for 4-9: belong to visceral obesity group, please change bad habits.

I believe everyone read these and also know that the most basic cause of belly fat is visceral fat. So oh, if you want to become a flat belly, go to reduce visceral fat! You only need to do the following four points.

Does the flat belly fix work

Does the flat belly fix work

Does the flat belly fix work ? Yes Its work, but You’ve to think about excessive intake of foods containing carbohydrates will cause too much sugar to be metabolized, thus allowing visceral fat to accumulate in the abdominal cavity. Choose low-calorie high-quality carbohydrate ingredients, so that is the golden ratio that is more conducive to digestion and metabolism.

21 Flat Belly Fix

21 flat belly fix Food fiber can excrete smoothly, absorb harmful substances and excessive cholesterol, and excrete it. Ingredients rich in dietary fiber include mung beans, tomatoes, grapefruit, etc., which can be eaten in the diet. In addition, there are some ingredients that can help clear visceral fat, do not miss it.

21 Flat Belly Fix

The Flat Belly Fix Reviews

The Flat Belly Fix Reviews in reducing visceral fat. For office workers, brisk walking 25 minutes a day can increase the hormone content of body fat, brisk walking consumes 47% more visceral fat than slow walking. But the rhythm of brisk walking is very important. Adjust the pace of brisk walking according to your own ability and enjoy sports comfortably, so that the body can fully absorb the atmosphere and burn the visceral fat.

Flat belly fix reviews

21 day flat belly fix tea ingredients

21 day flat belly fix tea ingredients Flat belly tea or Love to eat late nights, love meat, eat too late for dinner, poor sleep quality, alcoholism…

These bad habits are an important reason for the accumulation of visceral fat. Achieving early bedtime, early rise, regular meals, and a balanced diet can not only help reduce visceral fat content, but also make the body healthier.

Flat Belly Tea

Flat belly diet plan

Flat belly diet plan

Today, this is what k sister wants to share with you~

It is not difficult to flatten your lower abdomen!

Having said so much, I finally want to enlarge the trick:

What you need

Exercise intensity

21 Day flat belly fix reviews

Amount of exercise

Sports effect

Motor function evaluation can give you flat belly diet plan


21 flat belly fix tea recipe

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○ Sports health assessment once (about 60 minutes)

○ Health analysis once (about 30 minutes)

Who is suitable for sports health management system?

  • don’t know my level of motor function, I can’t find a suitable sport for myself;
  • found myself having some “posture” problems;
  • Weak strength, unable to exercise for a long time;
  • Those who have been sitting in the office for a long time and have neck, shoulder and waist problems;
  • Have exercise habits, but no exercise effect;
  • No exercise habits, but want to improve exercise level.
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