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Clean Face

Clean Face

1. The pressed powder has been used to see the metal bottom, and only the periphery is left. It is really inconvenient to use, and it is a pity to throw it away Scrape off the remaining pressed powder and place it in a sterilized mortar. After grinding, add a proper amount of olive oil and alcohol, and continue to stir until it becomes a uniform paste. 

Scoop out the small pieces that are filled in the used eye shadow box. Tito or clean small plastic box , the back surface of a large metal spoon pressing, and then air-dried on the ventilation, can continue for some time. This method can also be used with too dark and too light pressed powders, which can be revitalized by re-coloring. 

2. Many lipsticks that I don’t like in color , I don’t want to use it after using it once or twice. Lipsticks that are still in the shelf life, but the color is not what you like, you can cut it out and put it in a small plastic pill box, arrange them in different shades, and then use a hair dryer to soften them to melt them in the box. At that time, you can prepare a lip brush and mix several different colors. The effect is really good~ If the color is small, discarded contact lens cases are also a good choice. 

Odor Puff

3. Odor puff In addition to the powder cakes you carry with you, it is recommended that you take out the powder puffs and put them in a transparent ziplock bag separately for several pieces of powder cake placed at home. When using several powder puffs with different effects, you can use only one puff and throw it away after a long time to avoid odor after each puff is dirty. 

4. makeup brushes are easy to fall off dust Many people just put the makeup brush in the pen holder or put it on the table. You can imagine how much dust will fall on it every day, and then brush it on the face. In fact, it is best to put the makeup brush in the brush bag. There are not many brushes. If you want, you can buy a transparent plastic ziplock bag, put it in it and insert it in the pen holder. 

Make-up brushes should be cleaned regularly, and then they can be stored in such a transparent brush bag. The plastic texture of the brush bag should be soft so that it will not deform the brush. Or use a paper box to make a brush cover and put it on the brush head. All of this is to prevent the brush head from being exposed to dust. 

5. necessary disinfection tools for cleaning cosmetics You can prepare some alcohol cotton balls at home , which are very useful: for example, wipe the mouth of skin care products that are not used after opening, and can disinfect them and extend the use period; disinfect eyeliners. 

Wipe The roots

Wipe the roots of the used false eyelashes to remove the glue residue and disinfect it; it is necessary to disinfect the container before packing skin care products before traveling. Daily makeup tools are necessary for makeup , but they will inevitably be contaminated with dust and bacteria after a long time. 

When cleaning and maintaining makeup brushes, you must pay attention: choosing a professional cleaner to clean makeup brushes will not affect the effect of makeup tools, but can also extend makeup The service life of the tool. Spray the special cleaning fluid for the beauty makeup brush on the brush head and wipe it back and forth to complete the cleaning. 

Flick back and forth with your fingers, and the brush head can restore its natural fluffy state. Do not place it in a damp place ( washroom, etc.), keep it ventilated and dry. 

6. eyelash curler The two rubber eyelash curlers in contact with the eyelashes are the dirtiest. It is best to wipe them with tissue paper after each use, and wipe them with alcohol cotton when they are particularly dirty. If the rubber pad on the eyelash curler is aging, cracked or broken, you must replace it with a new one immediately, otherwise it will clip the eyelashes and cause damage to the eyelashes.