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Hyperbolic Stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching There are many movements of muscle stretching

such as side bending, feet together, fingers crossed palms up

arms raised up, heels raised, upper body bent slowly to the right

hold for a few seconds, and then bent to the left, the same Hold for a few seconds. 

Do 6 times left and right, and then restore the middle position. 

You can also perform chest expansion, stretching

leg press and other actions. Everyone can visit: 

Muscle Stretching, here are a lot of stretching icons.

What is Hyperbolic Stretching

What is hyperbolic stretching ? If you are a little confused about the stretching steps, we recommend the following muscle stretching steps:

  1. Head and neck: lift the right hand over the top of the head, pull the head to the right, reset, repeat a few times, repeat the movement with the left hand.
  2. Shoulder: The left hand lifts the straight right hand flat, stretches to the left, and repeats the movement with the hand.
  3. Chest: Keep your hands flat and do chest expansion.
  4. Biceps: Raise the side, hold the corner of the wall or any high enough support, turn the upper body, and hold for 10-15 seconds.
  5. Triceps: Grab the other elbow joint with one hand, push gently over the body until the hand touches the back.
Hyperbolic Stretching Review
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Full Body Stretching

Full Body Stretching

  1. Buttocks: Place the left leg on the right leg, keeping it bent. Touch the left leg to the chest cavity and twist the body to the left to look at the left shoulder.
  2. Outer thighs: The stretched thigh extends diagonally backward, the lower leg and the outer side of the foot touch the ground, and the other thigh flexes the knee joint in front of the lunge and supports it with both hands. When stretching, the center of gravity of the body moves toward the stretched one side.
  3. Hamstring: Lie flat, push one leg upwards, bend the other leg and keep the soles on the ground. Straighten your feet with a towel and gently pull the towel down while pushing the towel on the sole of your foot.
  4. Quadriceps: Stand on one foot and keep your body upright. Hold the wall with one hand to maintain balance. Use your other hand to pull the toe on the same side.
  5. Calf: One leg takes a big step forward, the other leg does not move, and the body presses forward.
  6. Upper back: stand upright, grasp the armrests that are level with the abdomen with both hands, and back arch and press down repeatedly.
  7. Lower waist: Lie on your back, bend your legs, hold your lower legs with both hands, and stretch as far as possible towards your chest. Repeat 10 times for 30 seconds each time.

  Two: If you do equipment exercise, we recommend the following stretching methods:

Hyperbolic Stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching Get Full Muscle Elasticity & Pelvic Floor Strength In Just Days! Pull the quadriceps to stand on one leg, bend the knee joint on the other thigh.

Make the heel close to the buttocks, and place the two ends of the belt in both hands around the top of the head and place it under the ankle joint of the rear thigh.

Slowly pull the belt upwards so that The quadriceps muscles are fully stretched, while the buttocks muscles also feel tight ( Figure ). 

Hyperbolic Stretching

Note that during the stretching process, if the lower back is excessively flexed forward, additional pressure will be applied to the waist, resulting in injury.

Hyperbolic Stretching Review Reddit

Hyperbolic Stretching Review Reddit Lie on the floor with one leg straight and raised to be perpendicular to the ground, hold both

ends of the belt (or towel) with both hands, and place the middle of the belt in the middle of the thigh.

Pull the belt backwards with both hands, so that the biceps femoris is fully extended. Throughout the process, keep your knees straight.

Calf muscle pulling action ( Figure 3 ): Lie on the floor

with one leg straight and raised to be perpendicular to the ground, then move the belt to the

Achilles tendon of the ankle joint, and pull the

belt back to force the biceps femoris and The calf muscles are stretched at the same time.

Then, pull the gluteus maximus, abdominal muscles, pectoralis major, and back muscles in turn.

Full Body Dynamic Stretching

Full body dynamic Stretching action of gluteus maximus (Figure 4 ): Lie on the floor with

one leg horizontally on the floor, and the other leg raised with knees bent, holding both hands at the upper end of the calf.

Full Body Dynamic Stretching

So that the thigh is as close to the body as possible to stretch the gluteus maximus. You can also rotate the

gluteus maximus to bring the knee joint to the outside; Hyperbolic Stretching Review

then hold the knee joint with one hand and the sole of

the foot with another handAnd slowly pull it toward the chest

so that the muscle fibers in the

then The hand holding the knee joint becomes holding the knee joint,

and slowly pushes the knee joint to the opposite side of the body for a more intense stretch.

Full Body Stretching Routine

Full Body Stretching Routine Abdominal muscles and

lower back muscles (erector spinae) stretching action ( Figure 5, 6 ): Prone on the floor

With both hands under the shoulder joints, straighten


Full Body Stretching Routine

At this time the abdominal muscles are fully stretched; then the torso remains lifted off the ground,

turning slightly to the sides, so that the external oblique muscles are stretched;

Finally, the hips are sitting back on the two heels, the torso leans forward, Back bent, arms straight, placed on the ground,

move your hands forward as much as possible, so that the lower

back is fully extended, mainly to stretch the erector spinae.

Stretching Body Piercing

Stretching Body Piercing Pectoralis major stretching action

( Figure 7 ): palms lean on the edge of the door frame, the torso leans forward.

Stretching Body Piercing

With the palms behind the torso, using the body’s center of

gravity to lean forward to stretch the pectoralis major on the same side of the arm. 

You can adjust the angle of the arm and torso to focus on pulling the

big brain muscles (upper, middle and lower pectoralis major) in different parts of the brain.

The action of pulling back muscles : the torso leans back, palms hold the door frame forward,

palms outward, using waist power to turn the back towards the back

So that the latissimus dorsi muscles are fully stretched; you can also: right With your arms

bent behind your head, grasp the right elbow joint with your left hand and slowly press down on your elbow joint.

Hyperbolic Stretching PDF

The body bends to the left side at the same time to stretch the right latissimus dorsi muscle; or, straighten the right arm forward and use Place the left hand on the outside of the right elbow joint,

And force the right arm to swing to the left around the chest ( Figure 8 ). You can choose one of the above three actions.

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Pulling motion of waist and abdominal muscles ( Figure 9 ): sitting position, legs straightened in front of the body. 

Straighten one leg to the outside of the torso, while the torso rolls.

Use the outside of the torso to get close to the thigh, and press the other arm to the head side.

Hyperbolic Stretching Review