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Meticore It’s a new product launched in August 2020 to get fast metabolism and lose weight fast and healthy! Why Metabolism slow.. but first you need to know why metabolism is slow for huge percentage around the world!

Why metabolism slow ? Simply is because Laziness has become the nemesis of longevity. Studies have found that sitting for a long time makes the metabolism slow.


and it is prone to the threat of high blood pressure and diabetes. In contrast, people who get up and exercise every once in a while have a lower chance of suffering from metabolic syndrome.

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Experts say that even if you go to the gym every day, all other times sitting in a chair is considered sedentary.

It is best for office workers to develop the habit of standing at any time, such as standing up for calls, meetings, etc.; after sitting for a long time, they should get up to expand their chest, stretch their waists, and move their necks.

lack of sleep. Many people have similar feelings: if you often stay up late for a period of time or have an abnormal schedule, you will feel very old.

Participants who lack sleep have changed the function of 711 genes, among which genes related to metabolism are involved.

Meticore Review

Meticore Review first in Insufficient sleep may reduce the body’s ability to regulate glucose, while reducing the secretion of leptin and increasing the secretion of ghrelin.

Making people easy to feel hungry and indirectly causing abnormal fat metabolism. It is recommended to get at least 7 hours of sleep every day.

A study has shown that adenovirus-36 can turn stem cells in adults into fat cells through a unique gene.

Meticore Review

Adenovirus is a common virus that can infect the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract and other organs. It can cause cell metabolism dysfunction and is often spread through coughing, sneezing, and unclean hands.

Therefore, frequent hand washing can avoid the risk of viral infection and protect the metabolism.

Eat fruits and vegetables without washing carefully. Toxic substances contained in foods contaminated by pesticides will be stored in fat cells after being ingested in the body, interfering with energy metabolism and slowing down metabolism.

When washing fruits and vegetables, rubbing under running water for half a minute is the best way.

You can also add a little flour to soak in water, knead, and then rinse. Leafy vegetables are best washed several times.

Meticore Reviews

Meticore Reviews

1st Because The calorie consumption is very slow. People with slow metabolism consume more body calories slowly.

On the contrary, body calories burn faster. The rate of metabolism directly affects the effect of weight loss.

If a girl’s metabolism is relatively slow, then body fat metabolism will slow down. The same amount of food is easier to accumulate fat and gain weight.

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2nd  growth and development are restricted. Under normal circumstances, people’s metabolism is the fastest in infants and adolescents.

But during these periods, if the metabolism is abnormal, then the growth and development will be affected accordingly, which will lead to the slow development of hearing and speech ability, Short stature and other signs of underdevelopment.

3rd Poor gastrointestinal function. People with fast metabolism tend to feel hungry and want to supplement food after a little exercise. Moreover, if they eat too much and digest quickly, they are not easy to gain weight.

Metabolism Effects

People with slow metabolism have poor intestinal capacity and digest food faster. It’s slower, so you can’t feel hungry, but it’s easy to grow meat.

In addition, the speed of metabolism is also related to the number of bowel movements. Under normal circumstances, once or twice a day is a normal phenomenon.

And people with slow metabolism are prone to constipation, often not defecation for a few days, or even no bowel movement.

Meticore Reviews

4th more afraid of cold than ordinary people. Being afraid of cold is not innate. This may be related to the slower body’s circulatory function.

One of the manifestations of people with slower metabolism is being afraid of cold. The body emits relatively little heat.

Under the same temperature, the temperature of the body surface will be lower than that of other people, and it is very sensitive to low temperatures.

5th  The skin is dull and the blood is not smooth. If the body’s metabolism is not good, it will affect the shedding of stratum corneum cells, and it will be easier for thick keratin to be on the surface of the skin, which will not only make the skin rough and poorly shiny, but also affect the skin’s absorption of skin care products.

In addition, Poor qi and blood is also a symptom of slow metabolism, and poor blood or poor nutritional supply of the skin.

roughness, dullness and other problems will occur, at the same time, it is easy to feel dizzy, short of breath and other phenomena.

Misunderstanding Metabolism

Misunderstanding Metabolism The older the age, the lower the metabolic rate, the easier it is to get fat but this is FAKE.

The truth is Many people tend to gain weight slowly as they age. This is usually because they lack exercise or exercise less time than before, which means they consume fewer calories every day.

The result is a loss of muscle mass, which leads to a slower metabolism. This phenomenon is not irreversible. It is rumored that exercising to burn calories and maintain muscle is a good way to prevent getting fattened by age.

You cannot change your metabolism that’s not true! Of course you can!


Although some people eat a lot of food, they don’t seem to be getting fat. An important reason may be that they choose healthy, relatively low-calorie foods.

In fact, most of these “lucky” people consume more calories every day, just because they spend more calories on stretching exercises at their desks and talking with colleagues.

So if you decide to increase your metabolism and gain more muscles, you have to exercise.

Cold Food Metabolism

Is Cold food and drinks can make you burn fat ? Also not true

The reality is the laboratory, people who drink ice beverages only slightly increase their calorie consumption.

But the change is too small (a total of about 10 calories per day), and there is no substance to promote weight loss.

Reduce calorie intake, metabolic rate will slow down

This is a fact. When you reduce your calorie intake, your metabolic rate will slow down, and your body will naturally store calories.

Why Meticore

Why Meticore However, the amount of calories reduced by this is very small, and if you become more active to lose weight, you can completely ignore these small changes.

The combination of diet and exercise can help the body burn more calories.


If you skip dinner, your metabolism will slow down and you will lose more weight? NOPE!

If you do that, or imagine if they can lose weight if they haven’t eaten for a while, only because they have reduced their total calorie consumption, not because of the calories they had eaten earlier.

All the calories you consume will not increase your weight before sunset unless you consume more calories than you need.

Normal way to get fast metabolism

 how to quickly increase the speed of metabolism ?

  • 1st  Aerobic exercise is the fastest way to increase metabolism. Exercise can expel body fluids and some waste products as soon as possible.
  • 2nd  Add weight training to increase muscle tissue, such as weightlifting is a good choice.
  • 3rd  Drink plenty of water and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Therefore, ensure that you consume at least 1200 mg of potassium every day: a banana contains 450 mg, a cup of milk contains 370 mg, and an orange contains 250 mg.
  • 4th  Stop ineffective diets and eat more protein. In protein, chicken or turkey can promote metabolism. Adding a bit of spicy seasoning when cooking food can also speed up metabolism.
  • 5th  It is also a good choice to drink more green tea at ordinary times, Those who drink tea 3 times a day will increase their metabolic rate by 4%.
  • 6th  ​​In addition, keeping enough sleep can also increase your metabolism. When you are in a bad mood, not only sweets will satisfy you, but the quality of sleep is also related to your hormone levels.
  • 7th People with insomnia are prone to secrete more cortisol, which allows the body to store fat. Lack of sleep can cause the secretion of hunger hormones in your body, and these hormones can affect whether your body feels hungry or full.

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Metabolism Definition

Metabolism definition Fast Metabolism supplement In fact, as life continues to get better now, many people are big mac and meat steak almost every day, but this will lead to excessive obesity, which is very bad for the body, so let’s take a look together.

What is the best supplement to get fast metabolism? Sure its Meticore.

First of all, we must know that some drugs are clinically used to increase the metabolic rate. It is determined whether the medication is used or not to cause better reactions.

The male hormone methyltestosterone treats androgen deficiency causing low metabolism.

Anabolic hormones nandrolone phenylpropionate (injection), dazole drugs, androgen derivatives have a strong promotion of protein and metabolism, improve the vitality of the body drugs, significantly improve the number of athletes’ competition performance, the ban on the use of drugs is prohibited by the athletes drug.

Thyroid hormones are less used to increase the basal metabolic rate of metabolism by 30%. Types of starvation and cold conditions. The main function of thyroid hormones is to maintain the metabolism of body heat. Adrenaline-assisting supplement have more side effects and are widely recommended.

How To Speed Up Metabolism

How to speed up metabolism ? In addition, the following foods can also help digestion. Caffeine caffeine stimulates the heartbeat, speeds up the metabolism, and helps digestion.

However, drinking too much coffee can hurt the stomach. Nutritionists recommend drinking no more than 3 cups a day. Prunes are acidic and have It helps digestion and has a laxative effect.

It is a good product for rapid elimination. Pineapple contains enzymes that can break down protein and help digestion, and contains a lot of vitamin C.

A slice of pineapple contains about 24 mg of vitamin C, which is 40% of the daily requirement. %, drinking a cup of pineapple juice is enough to provide the vitamin C you need for a day.

Hawthorn water will wash and pat the fresh hawthorn, make it with hot water, diuresis, relieve stagnation and eliminate greasiness. Papaya contains proteolytic enzymes, It helps break down protein and starch, which is of great benefit to the digestive system.

Crude fiber fruits and vegetables, pineapple, bamboo shoots, leeks, garlic moss, kiwi banana, honey.

Define Metabolism

Define Metabolism The things that can promote blood circulation and accelerate the body’s metabolism are generally those that can neutralize the more acid produced by the body due to excessive consumption of meat and eggs, and maintain the body’s acid-base balance. 

Sweet potato contains more cellulose, can absorb more water in the gastrointestinal tract, lubricate the digestive tract, have a laxative effect, and can excrete excessive fat, sugar, and toxins in the intestine from the body, and has a lipid-lowering effect.

The above article gives you a detailed introduction to the drugs that speed up the metabolism. I believe you have a relatively preliminary understanding. Therefore, in normal life, many people want to lose weight. It is best to Choose some healthier ways.

Cell Metabolism Impact Factor

Cell metabolism impact factor The answer is simple ((Meticore )) There are many ways to lose weight. Of course, the healthiest way is to exercise, but many people choose to take weight loss pills in order to lose weight quickly.

The principle of weight loss pills is to speed up the body’s metabolism so that it can achieve the effect of weight loss.

But most people do not understand the weight loss principle of weight loss pills, so you may not be able to choose a good weight loss supplement for you, so you need to understand this knowledge.

Metabolism Pills

Metabolism pills or Dietary Supplement that suppress appetite mainly rely on regulating the central nervous system of food intake and satiation to suppress appetite, thereby achieving the effect of weight loss.

Under the stimulation of appetite suppressant drugs, the satiety center is in a state of excitement, causing people to produce anorexia, resulting in decreased appetite and reduced food intake. 

At the same time, due to this excitement, sleep is reduced, consumption increases, weight loss is achieved, and weight loss is achieved.

Low Metabolism

Low metabolism It is also called metabolic stimulant by promoting gastric emptying, inhibiting the decomposition of food in the gastrointestinal tract, reducing the absorption of energy and nutrients.

 Increasing the body’s metabolism, accelerating the rate of fat decomposition and consumption, thereby achieving the goal of weight loss. Such drugs include thyroid hormone and progesterone.

Prevent digestion and absorption.

Such Meticore are supplement that use certainto prevent human digestion and absorption to reduce energy absorption and utilization, thereby playing a role in treating obesity. People are also called absorption inhibitors.

Commonly used such drugs are cholecystokinesis. It inhibits the digestion of triacylglycerols by binding bile acids in the intestines, thereby reducing the absorption of fat. The neomycin has an inhibitory effect on the absorption of lipids.

Definition of metabolism

Meticore can be added with medicinal ingredients that can promote fat catabolism, such as insulin-like growth factors, growth hormones, and thyroid hormones. 

These ingredients can accelerate energy consumption and promote the release of energy from fat, thereby reducing weight and fat.

The above categories basically cover all the types of weight loss drugs currently on the market.

You can usually choose one according to your own physical condition, but eating weight loss drugs is definitely not good for your body, so you usually Take weight loss pills and exercise at the same time, so as to make your body thinner and healthier.

what are the methods to quickly promote metabolism

With the increase of age, the health of the body, the usual exercise situation, etc. may affect a person’s normal metabolism.

We know that people in colder weather have less activity, so the metabolism will be relatively slow. 

Protein metabolism

Protein metabolism However, many activities of the human body cannot function normally if the metabolism is too slow, so it is very important to master the methods that can promote metabolism.

Studies have found that people who drink green tea at least three times a day have a faster metabolism than people who do not drink tea. 

This is because green tea is rich in tea acid, which can reduce the speed of adrenaline, thereby increasing the body’s metabolism.

Eat less meals Studies have found that people who eat several times a day have a faster metabolism than those who eat three meals a day and eat very full meals. 

Eating small amounts and frequent meals is also the best way to avoid slowing the metabolism of middle-aged and elderly people.

Caffeine Metabolism

Ensuring that you have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day is one of the best ways to ensure that your metabolism can function normally.

Eat more whole grains The nutrient content of too fine food has been greatly discounted, and if you usually eat too fine food, normal insulin secretion will be slowed down, which will affect your metabolism. 

Therefore, eating more whole grains and more whole grains is one of the ways to improve metabolism.

drink enough water Drinking more water is a common topic.

The latest research in Germany shows that when a person drinks two glasses of water

the body’s metabolism will increase by at least 30%.

Exercise more Exercise is one of the simplest and most effective ways to promote metabolism.

Studies have found that people who exercise for one hour a day are

50% faster than those who have never participated in exercise. 

In fact, more exercise is not only to promote metabolism, but also to

improve the body’s resistance, which is of great help to your health.


Meticore Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to take this supplement to get fast metabolism. 

If used in time, some suppement that accelerate gastrointestinal motility are generally used.

Speeding up metabolism can not only promote the absorption of our nutrients, but also make waste products excrete early. 

In addition, it is best to keep your body moving, and never sit or lie down all day. Drinking plenty of water is also necessary.

The biochemical reactions in the body need water to be catalyzed or to proceed normally in the presence of water.

When is the most vigorous metabolism

  •   1. 6 am-9 am: The most active period of metabolism, this time is the most active in terms of mental and physical energy, there is nothing to eat, even though it is piled at this time, this is a prime time to not eat fat;
  •   2. 9 am to 12 am: the metabolism remains quite active;
  •   3. 12 o’clock in the morning-3 o’clock noon: metabolism enters a gentle rest period;
  •   4. From 3 pm to 5 pm: After a break at noon, the metabolism reaches a peak again;
  •   5. 5 to 7 pm: The best time for dinner, the period of strong metabolism;
  •   6. 7-11 o’clock in the evening: By this time, the metabolism starts to slow down, and the heat absorbed at this time can only be absorbed by about 30%;
  •   7. From 11 pm to 6 pm the next day: Metabolism enters a trough, at this time both the basal metabolic rate and active metabolism are the lowest.

Meticore Review

Meticore Review Generally speaking, the morning is the most vigorous

time of a person’s metabolism, and fat is not easy to accumulate;

10 pm to 2 am is the most vigorous time of skin metabolism.

The process of metabolism is regular, it is very similar to the normal

work and rest time of the human body, and the two complement each other. 

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Generally, the metabolism is strongest in the morning, and it

stays at a relatively low level at noon, then there will be a peak again, and it will decrease in the evening. 


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