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Natural Synergy Solution

Natural Synergy Solution Tap the entire head with the belly of 10 fingers, from the front hairline to the back hairline.

repeatedly tap for 2 minutes, and then comb the hair with the belly of 10 fingers for 2 minutes, also from the front hairline to the back hairline (no nails must be used) ).

Natural Synergy Solution

If you want to enhance the curative effect, you can block both ears with your palms and flick the back of your head with your index and middle fingers.

1. Eat more black sesame seeds.

2. Natural remedies for obesity

Fat is puffiness, thin is hot. The cause of obesity is liver depression and spleen deficiency.

The stagnation of the liver causes insufficient bile secretion, the deficiency of the spleen weakens the function of the pancreas, and the ability of the spleen to digest and absorb food is too poor.

Fat is not overnutrition. Fat is garbage that cannot be discharged when the body’s capacity is insufficient. Which organ has poor capacity, and which organ has thick fat piled outside the meridians.

Blood energy to eliminate garbage in the body.

Walking on foot, golden rooster independent, push belly.

Eat more vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts. Radish exhaust gas, wax gourd diuresis, jujube nourishing blood and laxative, are all good weight loss products.

Eat less rice spaghetti and snacks.

Natural Synergy Solution Review

Natural Synergy Solution Review Frequently rub of the liver meridian to between the lines, push it 100 times from the heel of the liver meridian to the human body of the knee fossa.

Knocking the pulse and gall bladder meridian of the outer thigh for 3 minutes, for 1 minute. Rub the ground tendon for 3 minutes to relieve liver depression and lose weight quickly.

Frequently massage the spleen meridian of the calf, prick the human body, and then take the porridge medicine orally, the effect of strengthening the spleen will be better.

After the child is two years old, the ratio of meat and vegetable must be 1:1. Fruits can never replace vegetables.

The special prescription for postpartum weight loss is vinegar soaked soybeans.

Take 2 catties of soybeans, soak them in 2 catties of good quality vinegar, and keep them sealed for one and a half years before eating.

The weight loss effect is very good. Wait until the child is almost one year old before starting to eat, twice a day, 8 capsules each time.

After eating these 2 catties of soybeans in almost half a year, the body will fully recover. Remember that it is best not to eat fruit when eating jealous beans.

Natural Treatment For Lung

Natural treatment for lung disease Lung pain: Massage the meridian humans of the lung meridian and the acupoints of the large intestine meridian.

Lung deficiency: Cough with deficiency and cold, cough with spleen deficiency, weak cough, cough when cold, or spit out clear white phlegm, massage the lung channel in human body is the most symptomatic.

Moxibustion at the points, waist human body, belly button points, and kidney channel points in autumn can warm the meridians and clear the veins, and has a good effect of invigorating lung deficiency.

Snoring: Many people are caused by unexplained lung, phlegm obstructing the airway. Blocked airway causes coughing, and oxygen cannot be infused up to the head, so headache.

All are caused by poor lung function and should be treated from the lung. The lung damage is usually caused by excessive liver fire. Press the human body of the liver channel to remove liver fire.

Lung cancer: the earliest stage of lung problems, you will wake up naturally and unconsciously from 3 to 5 at night, and then you have to wait until 5 o’clock before you can fall back to sleep.

Natural Balance Synergy

Natural balance synergy And this every day, so that cough will appear after about a year of continuous occurrence More than that, the sputum is pale white and foamy, which is the initial stage of lung cancer.

At this time, some supplement is still unable to determine that you have lung cancer. At most, it is pneumonia. It will take another year to detect it.

So on average, American medicine judges about two years earlier than other medicine. Acupuncture directly at the Yuji point of the lung meridian can adjust it to normal.

The sneeze method is a wonderful way to exercise lung function.

Insufficient lung: There are five internal organs and five flavors in supplement.

People who don’t have enough lung love to eat spicy food.

What secrets of this land will nurture There are a large number of people who are not afraid of being spicy.

Long, long ago, there were miasma in many places on this land.

Natural Synergy

Natural Synergy People living here are likely to be infected with miasma. Some died, some survived, and the people who survived.

Some of them have completely solved the miasma problem, but there must be a large part of the population that is only temporarily balanced.

According to the current concept, the cause of the disease should be the virus at work. The virus is small, and it can almost reach the human body.

Any part, and the blood should be their favorite place, so as long as both parents have the virus, their children may have the virus.

The liver of the person with the virus must be hot, and the relationship between the lung and the liver When the wood is too strong, the lung is relatively insufficient, and it also creates a group of people who love spicy food and are not afraid of spicy food.

Natural Synergy Solution Reviews

Natural Synergy Solution Reviews A bunch of nonsense to tell you and all hepatitis patients not to worry too much about it. The human body has a long history of fighting with viruses.

The human body has rich experience. The problem is that your own abilities are enough. This is why some people have nothing to do, and some people have problems.

If you want your physical ability to rise to control the virus and to eliminate the virus, all you have to do is to make your blood, the total blood in your body.

The flow continues to rise, with blood, the body’s will naturally rise step by step, blood can be angry, can be handsome, and with the rise of righteousness, the human body can overcome the invisible.

I only have one trick for the blood to rise. Knock on the gallbladder meridian on the outer thigh and go to bed early.

Pay attention to the changes in the blood vessels on your arms and the back of your hands. Pay attention to the changes in the color of your palms.

Body Balance Spa

Body balance spa As long as you pay attention, you will know your own.

Is there too much blood? When there is too much blood, you will not only knock on the gallbladder meridian on the outer thigh, but also on the liver meridian on the inner thigh.

Note: At the same time, massage the bladder meridian acupoints and the lung meridian most acupoints, which has the effect ” metabolic arthritis ”.

Natural treatment for neck and shoulder disease

Cervical spondylosis: Causes: one is insufficient blood supply to the neck caused by cardiovascular stasis, and the other is damage to the spine first (mainly lumbar and sacral strain), which recently affected the blood supply to the cervical spine.

Method: If the pain connects to the back, start scraping from the points, and then scraping the back of the neck.

If the cervical spine is painful in the middle, scrape down from the back of the hairline along the spine until can be seen.

Body Balance System

Body balance system If you have neck pain when turning from side to side, scrape the small intestine meridian. If you have neck pain from pitching back and forth, scrape the bladder meridian.

If you can’t get out of this, you should use massage; but you should not just massage the cervical spine.

 You must massage the upper part into the hairline and lower the tail vertebrae to massage the entire governor channel.

It is more convenient to massage at the base of the palm or elbow. Carefully press the painful area until it does not hurt.

When massaging the cervical spine, you must be gentle and never use force rashly, otherwise it will easily cause further damage to the cervical spine.

Using the base of the palm to massage the front sternum to the dovetail can relieve cervical pain.

Brain And Body Balance

Brain and body balance Bad breath generally has three causes.

One type is caused by weak spleen and stomach function. You can hit the stomach meridian and rub the spleen meridian bodies.

There are two specific situations:

Stomach fever. Stomach fever has two factors: one is the focus of bacterial infection in the stomach.

Second, the liver is very hot. To have the ability to reduce liver heat, the human body must have enough blood so that the human body can restrict the virus in the body and liver heat can decrease.

Knock on the gall bladder meridian on the outer thigh for three minutes every day (sitting flat, resting your right leg on your left leg, and knocking from the bottom with your hollow fist. Knock along the outer thigh to the knee, knocking on both legs) (the human hematopoietic material) ).

Go to bed before 10:30 every day (human body’s hematopoietic time). You can go to bed early, not late.

If you go to bed late today, you must make it up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. When your problem is solved, it will be at 11 o’clock.

Go to bed. Knock on the liver meridian opposite the gall bladder meridian every day. Especially the left leg. Sit flat on the bed with your inner thigh facing up.

Body Balance Welness Studio

Body balance welness studio In the middle is the liver meridian, which can be tapped or pressed with your fingers. It will be painful.

When pressed frequently, it will not hurt. It can be effective in three months, and it should be almost half a year.

Pay attention to the change in the color of the palm, and observe the change in the thickness of the blood vessels in the arm.

When the color of the palm becomes red, the blood vessels in the arm become thicker, and then the color of the palm is not red, and the blood vessels become thinner.

That is a little more blood, and the human body draws it. It enters the internal organs. Most young elephants have entered the liver.

Repeat this several times, the blood in the liver will increase, the color of urine will be more yellow, and the cold appearance of the human body will change.

Now the urine should be Soaked (see the first urine in the morning), then the urine will not soak, the cracks in the middle of the tongue will also disappear, the blood rises, the kidney rises, the liver heat phenomenon decreases, and the stomach heat condition improves.

Breath Balance

Breath Balance or Bad breath caused by stomach heat, the tongue is red, and the tongue coating is yellow. As long as you drink water boiled with radishes, the digestion and stasis will be quickly eliminated.

This kind of bad breath caused by stomach heat only happens occasionally, and people who often suffer from stomach heat and food accumulation insist on hitting their back against the wall for 20 minutes every day.

The back hitting just has the acupuncture points of the spleen and stomach, which can clear the meridians and eliminate food and blood stasis. Bad breath again.

Cold Stomach

Cold Stomach Recurrent bad breath, white tongue coating, most of which are caused by stomach cold, as long as you drink more ginger water and quit cold food, you won’t have bad breath.

Another peculiar smell in the mouth, accompanied by bleeding gums, is caused by blockage of the pericardium.

Could be scraped along the pericardium meridian. The human body of the pericardium meridian is the main point for invigorating the spleen, which is the most beneficial for reducing fire and dampness, and is good for treating bad breath.

In the third case, the tongue coating is yellow and greasy or dull or black, and there are often malignant tumors in the body.

Natural Synergy Solution

Natural Synergy Solution

  1. Immediately avoid all cold foods, eat only foods with mild and warm nature, and stop all fruits and various health products.
  2.  Boil 3 slices of ginger and 10 red dates (sliced) every day, twice a day. In case of irritability, eat raw loach first to eliminate the false fire.
  3. It is necessary to focus on blood-tonifying diet, eat as little as possible to invigorate food, meat is indispensable, it is very important to increase physical fitness, but must be stewed and eaten, the ratio of vegetables to meat is 1:1.
  4. Use buckets every day Soak your feet, soak your body to sweat slightly.
  5. Middle-aged people can increase their back against the wall for 20-30 minutes a day. For the elderly, don’t do it, but you can rub the two bodies on the waist with your hands every day, 100 times a day, twice a day.
  6. Natural treatment of face engineering.

Skin loose and wrinkled

The face is dull, and the skin is loose and wrinkled: frequent tapping on the stomach meridian (from under the collarbone, passing the breasts, passing through the abdomen, to the front of the legs, all the way to the ankles) can improve the blood supply to the face and make the skin full of elasticity.

Crow’s feet, eye spots, liver spots, chloasma, gray complexion and other face-saving projects: change hands and feet joints. Rub the tri-joker through the holes.

Beating the meridian, relieves the blockage of liver and gallbladder stasis, and can make the chloasma and crow’s feet near the temple disappear.

Gallbladder Meridian

First point of the Gallbladder Meridian. Crow’s feet will appear when the and blood stasis of the Gallbladder Meridian is blocked, so you should knock the Gallbladder Meridian frequently.

Dark circles and bags under the eyes: Four white points under the eyes, points and Jingming points next to the eyes. Upper eyelid swelling and kidney deficiency, lower eyelid swelling and spleen deficiency.

Drooping eyelids: rub the Fuliu point of the kidney meridian, Seven, natural remedies for skin diseases.

Itchy skin: Gallbladder.

Skin disease: large intestine.

Psoriasis: Neurodermatitis, mostly caused by stagnation of (the liver is not sparse, and liver toxins are difficult to resolve).

Tinea Pedis

Tinea pedis: Why do people have tinea pedis? It is because there are small blisters on the feet.

When the small blisters are broken, there will be sticky slurry inside, and there is a small amount of protein in the slurry, and bacteria take the opportunity to live here Have children.

To make bacteria unable to survive, sterilization alone is not enough. If there is no living conditions for bacteria, it will not come if you invite them to come.

Small blisters are the crux of the problem. The reason why there are small blisters on the feet is because one of the meridians is not smooth, and the accumulation of fluid in the meridians cannot be taken out.

There are six meridians leading to the feet. The stomach and kidneys are often problematic. The toes are mainly the stomach.

The heel is dominated by the kidneys. When the conditions of the stomach and kidneys improve, that is, their meridians are kept in a smooth state, and the small blisters on the feet are gone. Bacteria coexist with us, and they cannot reproduce without conditions.

Natural Synergy for insomnia

Natural Synergy for Insomnia : rubbing the points of the Heart Channel; turning the joints of the hands and feet (shun and reverse).

palpitation and insomnia: combined use of acupoint in the pericardium meridian and acupoint in the spleen meridian.

Insomnia and neurasthenia: acupoint on the kidney meridian combined with Shenmai acupoint on the bladder meridian has excellent therapeutic effect.

The quality of sleep is not good: it is because your anger is too irritable

(external causes, a lot of upsetting things, internal causes

Your own liver and heart have some problems, kidney water can not restrict).

So it is best to press a little heart channel and liver

Of course, you can also use cupping to solve it.

Natural Synergy Food

You can also buy 100 grams of green peel and 100 grams of tangerine peel in ten portions, add three cups of water to each portion.

Soak for half an hour, then boil it for tea, start drinking two days a week.

Two weeks later Just drink one day a week, the purpose is to help you break the and benefit.

Decrease the evil spirits in your body, and your sleep problems can be improved. To make the body healthy, the key is to increase the blood in the body.

And to get more blood in the body, it is only necessary to go to bed early

(to meet the human body’s requirements for hematopoiesis time)

and to knock the gall bladder meridian

(to improve the body’s nutrient absorption and prepare for hematopoiesis) Good material.

Your other problems will be solved by itself.

Because the human body is a living body, the operation of

His life is inseparable from the operators and raw materials like factory production.

Red blood cells are the operators in the body, and plasma is the raw materials in the body.

Wake up at midnight

Wake up at midnight at about twelve o’clock if there is water in the pericardium, press the pericardial meridian for a while before going to bed, especially the bodies

(the middle of the line connecting the two breasts), Bodiea (one inch outside the nipple), and (the lateral malleolus on the outside of the heel straight down , The depression of the heel).

Waking up after two o’clock is liver fever. Press the liver meridian. Sit on the bed with the inner side of your thigh facing up and the liver meridian in the middle.

You can press it with your fingers or fist. Wake up after 2 o’clock is due to liver heat.

From one to three o’clock, the blood flows through the liver. Liver will be more vigorous. The viscera flowing through, relatively speaking, which viscera will have more blood at that time.

When blood flows through that viscera, the viscera of the human body will have corresponding work to be done.

When a person’s blood is from less to more, and it is the liver When the blood increases, the human body will have a series of manifestations of liver heat.

For example, the color of urine will turn yellow, the body on the top of the head will be hotter than other places, and the appetite will improve.

There is no nocturia in the first place, and time tends to change. At around two o’clock, there will be more sleep dreams.

Natural Synergy Solution

Natural Synergy Solution At this time, if you press the liver meridian, one side of it will be painful.

Repeated pressure until the liver meridian is no longer painful.

Then there will be less or no nocturia, and there will be less dreams. At that time, sleep will not wake up.

It is said that waking up around twelve o’clock is

Eatern Metabolism

Because of the accumulation of water in the pericardium, all the pulses are sinking .

All there is premature beats (in Western medicine), and all people wake up in the middle of the night after falling asleep and do not fall asleep for a long time

(the kind of people wake up It feels like the feeling of waking up in the morning).