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Skin care
Skin care

Skin Care

What is the best lotion on the lotion list? The words that come to mind for energy saving in autumn and winter are cold and dry, and the problem of skin dehydration is particularly serious in autumn and winter. In the autumn and winter seasons, how to maintain water and tender skin, skin care is very important. The order of applying the basic cosmetics is skin lotion, lotion, and essence. 

The skin lotion is only the supplement part, and the lotion plays the role of moisturizing,… Top ten anti-wrinkle skin care products list Petrov Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Cream, Yuewei Pure Anti-Wrinkle Essence, French Sisley Anti-Wrinkle Repairing and Repairing Essence, Estee Lauder Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Night Cream, Silky Anti-Wrinkle Protective Cream… 

Top 10 skin care products for sensitive skin in 2019 The first place is Estee Lauder Superconducting Repair Lotion, the second place is Avène Anmin Moisturizing Water Curd, the third place is Avene Soothing Moisturizing Essence Cream, the fourth place is Easy Skin Efficient Anti-acne Repairing Gel, the No….

Safekeeping cosmetics

Safekeeping When storing cosmetics, remember that there are “six fears” in cosmetics. Fear of heat: It is not suitable to store cosmetics in places where the temperature is too high. Because high temperature will cause the separation of oil and water in cosmetics, the paste will shrink and cause deterioration. Afraid to sun: Do not store cosmetics in direct sunlight or light.

 Because light exposure will cause the moisture of cosmetics to evaporate, some ingredients will lose their vitality and cause deterioration. The ultraviolet rays in the sun can also cause chemical changes in some substances in cosmetics, affect the use effect, and even cause adverse reactions. Fear of freezing: cosmetics can be stored in the fresh-keeping cold room of the refrigerator, not in the freezer. 

In the cold season, it is not advisable to put cosmetics outdoors or carry them outdoors for a long time. Because freezing will cause the cosmetics to freeze and crack, and after thawing, the oil and water will separate and the texture will become coarse, which will cause skin irritation. Fear of moisture: Some cosmetics contain protein, which is prone to mildew when exposed to moisture. 

Some cosmetics use iron caps

Some cosmetics use iron caps, which will easily rust and corrode the cosmetics after being damp, which will deteriorate the cosmetics. Afraid of long-term release: The valid period of general cosmetics is 1-2 years, and the storage period after opening is shorter. Therefore, it is best to use up cosmetics within the expiration date, and not stop using them until they expire. 

Even the best cosmetics, then carefully custody, if after shelf life , will be worthless. Fear of contamination: The bottle cap must be tightened in time after use of cosmetics to prevent bacteria from invading and multiplying. It is best to avoid using it directly by hand. You can use a clean cotton swab and other tools to access it. If you take too much at one time, you can apply it to other parts of the body instead of putting it back in the bottle. 

Measures Cosmetics are a kind of care and beauty products that people put on their faces. Because of their different main ingredients, they are related to each person’s skin characteristics. Therefore, when many people use cosmetics, some skin redness, swelling, pain, blisters, etc. will occur, which is cosmetic allergy. 

Cusmetic Allergies

Cosmetic allergies are quite unbearable for some people, and on certain occasions, allergies can cause embarrassing situations that they don’t want to face. So how to deal with this unexpected? When buying certain cosmetics, you can ask professionals to help detect whether the cosmetics react with your skin type. If it is positive, it is allergic; if it is negative, it is not allergic. 

After the test results come out, you should stop using allergic cosmetics immediately and find a liquid of the opposite nature to apply heat to neutralize it. And need to go to a regular hospital to find a doctor to prescribe oral medication. Within 3-4 days, the symptoms of allergies will improve significantly. And through this lesson, you can understand what kind of cosmetics your skin has allergic reactions to, and you should pay special attention to it when buying in the future.