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VitalFlow Review Zinc is an indispensable trace element in the human body. Through observation, it is found that the content of zinc in the prostate fluid of patients with chronic prostatitis is lower than that of normal people.

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The human prostate contains an antibacterial substance called prostate antibacterial factor.

This antibacterial factor is a zinc compound. When the zinc content in the body decreases, the synthesis of prostate antibacterial factor decreases, making prostatitis prone to occur or recur.


However, repeated unhealed prostatitis can reduce the zinc content in the prostate fluid, and the two are mutually cause and effect and influence each other.


VitalFlow Relevant studies have shown that after prostatitis patients are cured, if the zinc content in their prostate fluid continues to be low.

The possibility of recurrence or re-infection of prostatitis is greater than that of people with normal zinc content.

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Therefore, the prostate with low zinc content The patient’s defense ability is weak, which easily leads to inflammation of the prostate, or the inflammation is cured and easy to relapse.

Observation of the curative effect of oral Zinc Sebao on chronic prostatitis

Materials and Methods:

Clinical data: From February 2003 to March 2005, our department selected 85 patients who met the diagnostic criteria for chronic prostatitis, aged 21-45 years old, with an average of 32.8 years old.

And the course of disease was 8 months to 4 years. He has been treated with Chinese and Western medicine for more than 1 year, and has not taken antibacterial agents and other drugs in the near future.

Method: Before treatment, 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months after treatment, learn about the patient’s main complaint symptoms, and then collect the prostatic fluid in a dry non-ionic material container.

After routine microscopy and bacterial culture, immediately Store frozen at -20°C. When testing, use a micropipette to accurately suck 0.1ml of prostatic fluid, add 1ml of nitric acid, 2ml of perchloric acid and 30% hydrogen peroxide.

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Dilute to 100ml with 0.2% nitric acid, and use an atomic absorption spectrophotometer (PE -2380) Determine the absorbance of the sample zinc agent and input the data into the computer.

The computer calculates the zinc ion concentration of the sample concentrate according to the linear regression equation, and calculates the zinc content of the prostate fluid. At the same time, the content of 36 healthy adult males Normal control.

Efficacy evaluation criteria: evaluation is based on subjective symptoms and objective indicators. First, the patient’s multiple subjective symptoms disappeared as markedly effective.

Second, prostatic fluid microscopic examination of white blood cells/hp is markedly effective, and white blood cells are 6-10 /hp is effective, and no improvement before treatment is invalid.

VitalFlow Result

VitalFlow Result Determination of zinc content in prostate fluid before and after treatment in healthy control group and zinc treatment group.

Comparison: After 3 months of oral zinc treatment in patients with prostatitis, the zinc content in the prostate fluid was significantly higher than before treatment (P<0.01).


The zinc content of the control group before treatment was 220.31±35.02, and there was no change after 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days; the zinc content of the treatment group before treatment was.

153.76±90.23, after 30 days it was 213.45±76.41, after 60 days it was 203.76±72.41, and after 90 days it was 232.35±82.56. (Unit mg/L)

Improvement of subjective symptoms

Improvement of subjective symptoms Comparison of the improvement of subjective symptoms and objective indicators before and after treatment:

33% of subjective symptoms are markedly effective, 25 are effective for 29%, and 32 are ineffective for 38%; 21 are effective for objective indicators, and 26 are effective for 30%. 38 invalids accounted for 45%.

The effective rate of improving subjective symptoms of 85 patients was 53%, and the effective rate of improving objective indicators was 55%.

Discussion: Zinc is a trace element in body fluids. The literature reports that normal prostatic fluid (EPS) contains a powerful antibacterial factor (PAF). PAF is a compound containing zinc.

The zinc content in chronic prostatitis is lower than normal. . The content of zinc ions in prostatic fluid is approximately 100 times that of plasma.


It shows that the tissue cells of the prostate can actively take up zinc ions from the plasma or tissues. This experiment proved that the zinc content of normal healthy men’s prostate fluid was 220.31±85.02mg/L, (P patient was 153.76±90.23mg/L, which was significantly lower than normal, P<0.01).

Zinc overcomes the disadvantages of previous inorganic zinc preparations, such as large side effects and difficulty in absorption by the human body, and effectively increases the serum zinc concentration.

Prostate Support

Prostate support After 3 months of treatment in this group, the zinc concentration in the prostate fluid of the patients reached the level of normal healthy men.

But the total effective rate of improvement of subjective symptoms and objective indicators was only 53% and 55% in the whole group of cases, indicating that only some patients’ prostate fluid The zinc content returned to normal.

This is mainly because the development of chronic prostatitis is related to various factors such as physiology, environment, and psychology, and any single treatment is difficult to achieve a better effect.

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We believe that increasing the zinc content of prostate fluid through oral administration of Zinc Sebao is only one of the measures for the comprehensive treatment of chronic prostatitis.

And should not be used as an independent treatment. Only according to the physiological characteristics and pathogenesis of the prostate.

The application of compound liquid extracapsular NC positioning injection treatment method is scientific, efficient, can be cured without any toxic side effects, and then oral zinc selenium treasure, 96% of patients have a solid effect.

In order to ensure the health of the prostate, these 3 things must be done well, exercise is not the most important
Sum to the number.

Prostate System

Prostate System is one of the main reproductive systems of men and one of the most important organs in men.

Once the prostate has a disease, it will not only affect the quality of life, but also may lead to infertility. We must pay attention to the protection of the prostate.

In daily life, in order to ensure the health of the prostate, these 3 things must be done well.

Work and rest rules

Nowadays, many young men like to sit in front of the computer, and sitting for a long time

it becomes a habit over time.

Long-term sitting for a long time will lead to prolonged

congestion of the prostate, blood circulation will be blocked, and inflammation will occur.

Reasonable diet

To prevent prostatitis, diet is a very important part. Many young people now like to eat spicy and irritating foods. These foods can easily stimulate blood vessels and cause congestion, which can easily lead to prostatitis.

So now prostatitis It is also a common disease for many people aged 20-40.

Therefore, it is best not to eat some foods that are more irritating in

Daily life, and eat more light and high-trace element foods

Such as more zinc supplements, which can greatly help protect the prostate.

The zinc element in the prostatic fluid plays a role in resisting germs. If the content of zinc element is reduced, the prostate is prone to inflammation.


On the contrary, zinc supplementation reduces the chance of suffering from prostate inflammation and can control the recurrence of inflammation.


VitalFlow we can use some bio-zinc nutrition and vegetarian food. Bio-zinc chews containing zinc-rich protein powder in the ingredients are most suitable.

The zinc element in zinc-rich protein powder can reduce

the ratio of copper to zinc in the prostate tissue and degrade 3α-3β-hydroxysteroids.

Increased hydrogenase activity stabilizes prostate tissue.

And zinc-rich protein powder is good for being absorbed by the human body.

Using modern biotechnology, the concentrated zinc essence

can quickly replenish zinc, improve prostate resistance and immunity, and prevent secondary infections of germs.

Exercise moderately

In addition to the above-mentioned work, rest and diet, you should also pay attention to exercise.

Appropriate exercise can not only strengthen the body, but also help blood circulation

Stimulate the secretion and excretion of prostatic fluid, thereby reducing the accumulation of prostatic fluid and preventing prostatitis.

Must be appropriate and pay attention to the range of exercise.

Excessive or too intense exercise will not only not protect the prostate

But will stimulate the prostate congestion, which is more likely to lead to the production of the prostate.

VitalFlow Prostate Tips

VitalFlow Prostate The majority of men must pay attention to regular inspections of the prostate.

Only by keeping abreast of their own conditions can they be

More effective in protecting themselves and protecting their prostate health.

In addition to the above three things, there is

one more thing to pay attention to, that is, always maintain a

good attitude, emotions will also affect the health of the prostate.

Bad emotions, such as restlessness, irritability, and irritability

will have a certain psychological impact on the prostate.

Therefore, the diet, work and rest, exercise, and examination are all done on weekdays.

It is difficult to “experience” the feeling of prostatitis.